President Obama Takes A Final Dump On Cubans On His Way Out The Door

Keka Araújo
3 min readJan 14, 2017


Cubans have been given special exemptions for asylum since November 2, 1966 by the United States government with the enactment of the Cuban Adjustment Act. Essentially, this law allowed any Cuban citizen to become a permanent resident after a year of being in the United States. Now, I would sound like a complete numbskull if I told you it was because the American government cared so much about the freedom and civil liberties of Cuban citizens.

“But the lie detector test determined THAT was a lie.”

It was merely an act of pettiness because Cuba didn’t play ball the way the U.S hoped. And what way to get back at another country than to tell the folks who want to leave that they are welcome to come to YOUR shit?

Cuba 0, USA 1

It worked. Cubans by the boatloads came to America for a “better life”. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t just about criminals or rich white Cubans wanting to keep their riches so they chose to leave. People fled because they were gay (yes, it’s a crime to be homosexual in Cuba), they spoke out against the government, they were tired of living in poverty or being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

And in a place where everything is supposed to be equal, Blacks suffered/ suffer disproportionately more than whites.

In 1995, “The First Black President” ( at least according to Toni Morrison) a.k.a Bill Clinton amended the act by creating the “wet foot, dry foot” rule for Cubans. In a nutshell, any Cuban who makes it to U.S. soil can stay but anyone caught in the water is deported back to Cuba to face an instant prison term or worse.

My stepfather was a balsero. Tenemos “Marielitos” en mi familia. And now we are here.

Last night, President Obama in one his last acts as the Commander-In-Chief decided to repeal the CCA effective IMMEDIATELY.

Fucking 8 days left in office and THAT WAS WHAT WAS IMPORTANT? Not the repealing of the ACA. Not black folks in THIS country dying at the hands of everybody. Not the residents of Flint WHO STILL DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER. BUT CUBA? If I wasn’t fucking with Barry then, he, definitely, doesn’t have anything coming now.

His reasoning behind this farce of a policy was “to normalize relations between the U.S. and Cuba”. What? Qué? Cómo? So Obama went to Havana and watched a baseball game and asked to extradite Assata Shakur (while adding her to America’s Most Wanted Terrorist list) and the Cubans have, miraculously, been granted rights without any fear of retaliation and access to a better life? So a Harvard graduate couldn’t discern that folks were willing to muddle through shark-infested waters for a 50% shot at freedom? And he didn’t recognize that virtually everyone who greeted and escorted him around was not black?

Oh ok. I guess human rights only matter when there’s an American interest tied to them. Go figure. I haven’t expected him to do anything for black folks since 2012 so this really isn’t shocking. And Cuba IS a black nation. So here we have a great orator. Hell, even a decent singer but even on his last leg America’s 1st black president found a way to shit on black folks some more.

Cuba 1, US 1

Adios y Gracias.




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