Fuckboy Chronicles: Why is Russell Wilson The Hill Future Wants To Die On?

Fuckboy Supreme, Future, is back in his feelings again. I can’t recall ever hearing this joker speak so much outside of his albums. But it appears he can’t keep Russell Wilson’s name out of his mouth. It’s no secret that Ciara is his most relevant baby’s mother. It’s also no secret that she has happily moved on with Russ and she is better for it. She “leveled up” for real.

Future, on the other hand, seems to live and breathe to give his unsolicited opinion about what type of man Russell Wilson is without ever being accountable for the “man” he has been.

In a recent interview, he weighed in on Russell’s manhood and it was eye-opening to say the least.

“He do exactly what she tell him to do,” said Future in the interview. When asked if he had any feelings for Wilson, Future replied, “I ain’t got no feelings for him. I feel like he’s not being a man in that position.”

Although I can’t confirm if Russell and Ciara’s marriage is everything I make it out to be in my head, I can say that they have a mutual respect and love for one another. Baby Future is not his son but from their interactions on Instagram and other social media outlets, you’d never know it. Russell handles Future’s son with such tenderness and care that one would think he was seeded from his own loins.

Future went on to add that Russell Wilson doesn’t have the guts to tell Ciara not to post their kid on social media, despite knowing the repercussions. What exactly those repercussions are must be buried in his newly-off the lean ass mind. Here’s the thing. He, clearly, doesn’t possess even a basic level of understanding how marriage works. Not even marriage- a committed relationship.

Has ANYONE ever seen a picture or a video of Future and his gaggle of chirren? I think not. And it’s not to say he isn’t a good father. I’m just saying that I need receipts.

He doesn’t have a clue about what manhood involves regarding women or his children. And that not The Wilson’s problem. Instead of going on the radio speaking about a man who is doing an excellent job raising his son, he should probably ask for tips on how to be a better man. But fuckboys don’t do that. They lash out at any man with any semblance of what a man should be. Future is a hater. He probably cries himself to sleep at night wishing he could change. But alas- ashies will be ashy.

Why has Future chosen to die on this particular hill? Why not talk about how he strives to be a better person because he knows that he’s been shitty as hell for most of his adult life? Talk about how he makes my ass itch. I know he doesn’t have a clue of who I am but it is still a very poignant point.

We don’t to be subjected to dumb ass interviews which he talks about bringing more children in the world with a seemingly willing undetermined number of different women. He has sons which he wants to carry on his last name but gives no reference to his daughter. He has six children total with two on the way. All by different women. BRUH.

I can’t with this negro or any negro like him. Every issue he seems to have with Russell is really just an insanely loud projection of who he wishes he were. I am willing to bet that he’s still stuck on Ciara as well. Remember, they were engaged.

That’s how this usually works. Fuckboy meets dope girl and she gives him a child. She, in turn, believes that because she is awesome, he will change. He doesn’t. She grows tired of his shenanigans and bounces. Fuckboy’s overgrown ego can’t believe she did but he won’t dare show how her or anyone else that her departure really affected him so he pines for her on the low while engaging in continued fuckboy behavior. Dope girl moves on to someone way better and finds happiness with new beau. Fuckboy is butt hurt while dope girl is living her best life and not going back and forth with that nigga.

Dope Girl 1, Fuckboy has an endless supply of 0's.

Now would be the time for to give some words of encouragement to Future but he’s not really that likable. So I won’t.

I will say that I hope Russell keeps being the understanding, loving and respectful husband and father that he appears to be. So Future can stay mad.

Originally published at Negra With Tumbao.



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Keka Araújo

Keka Araújo

Opinionated, bilingual diasporan activist. Editor-In-Chief at Negra With Tumbao and Weekend Editor at Black Enterprise.