Black People Helped The Monster Known As Jessica La Bombalera

Keka Araújo
6 min readSep 6, 2020

Jessica Krug, also known as Jessica La Bombalera, the loud, proud “Afro-Rican, Black American, and every Black from all the continents of Africa” face-ass infiltrator taught us something good this week.

As reports continue to spill her insidiously bitter tea, I can’t help but think that Black folks helped facilitate that raggedy-ass monster’s creation. And it was when she was busted that she divulged who she was- a vile, opportunistic, and evil woman cloaked in white privilege and racism with a bad dye job. According to the New York Post from her essay on Medium (that I will not share because that broad shouldn’t earn another dollar from anybody), Krug self-righteously stated, “I cancel myself.”

And that’s fine, but there is something to be said about why Black folks believed her ass in the first place.

I am well aware as an unambiguous Black woman that fewer eyes and ears will read these words. That’s par for the course, though. What’s also par for the course is the palpability of Black pain sheathed in light, bright and actual white skin.

Today, I’m not here to serve an academic, fluffy fondue of bullshit to the people she damaged. My people. Black people.

Because we know that Black pain expressed by dark and brown-skinned folks isn’t nearly as profitable or heartwrenching, Biggie gave us bars when he said, “Black and ugly as ever.”

Even Curtis in “Dreamgirls” blew off Effie, who was dark-skinned and pregnant with his baby, saying, “Effie, we all got pain.”

So when a greasy-haired white chick from Kansas with a bulbous nose showed up on the East Coast and created her alter ego “Jessica La Bombalera”– the hood, hoop-wearing, dark-haired, AAVE-talking Afro-Rican payasa with the hard life, Black folks embraced her with open arms. We did what we do- love the motherless children. And as she crafted larger-than-life fables of a crackhead Mama, being in and out of foster care along with being homeless and abused by men, Black folks protected her, even at the expense of watching this dirtbag abuse Black women.



Keka Araújo

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